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Who is this Gatsby?

Party like Gatsby presents ‘The Mad Mansion’ - an immersive show & party, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, visiting more than 17 cities in Europe and the US for this year’s tour.

What is Party like Gatsby? It is party and madness. But there is much more behind this new breath-taking show concept. A fun and immersive experience - combining world class circus, cabaret, vaudeville and party. Expect 25+ artists, a stunning live-band together with the most talented resident DJ. Dress in your finest attire and inhale the magical spirit of glamour and madness.

For four years Jay Gatsby, and his entourage of extraordinary artists, has been dazzling guests, visiting a total of 15 countries and more than 35 cities.

The event series „Party like Gatsby” was inspired by the world-famous novel „The Great Gatsby” written by the American author F. Scot Fitzgerald in 1925. Ever since, the novel has been filmed multiple times with the most recent screen adaption starring Leonardo DiCaprio. „The Great Gatsby” centers around the young mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby, who becomes famous for throwing mesmerizing parties at his glamorous residence. With the event series „Party like Gatsby”, we take up the idea of a glamorous and mind-blowing show & party in the Golden Twenties and turn it into reality.


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